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MAOU Secondary School No. 184 “New School” in November 2021 held a series of on-line occasions devoted to Russian as a foreign language

An on-line seminar was held on November 23, 2021. It was attended by representatives of Russian faculties abroad, facilities of open education in Russian and Russian language teaching from more than 60 countries. Speakers from 15 international locations (Russia, Turkey, Vietnam, Thailand, Finland, Spain, Germany, Czech Republic, Republic of Moldova, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan) made reviews on the professional experience of teaching Russian as a foreign language, and another 9 foreign members despatched their video messages from China, Indonesia, Liberia, Colombia, Morocco, Tajikistan, Mongolia, Syria, Egypt, Peru. Business coach Ivan Vozmilov was the moderator and decoration of the seminar.

According to the results of voting by the participants of the seminar, the TOP-3 speakers have been determined:

1. Kristina Evgenievna Agafonova from Moscow “Teaching understanding and interpretation of metaphor within the classroom in Russian as a international language”
2. Irina Aleksandrovna Balji from Turkey “Yesterday’s textbooks don’t work. Methods of educating Russian as a international language for kids of a new generation on the instance of the tutorial complicated “I’m great!””
3. Anna Lyubivaya from St. Petersburg “Electronic platforms and distance packages in instructing RFL”.

On November 29-30, 2021, a complicated coaching program was held within the format of an international online internship.

On November 29, the organizers of the program held a “New School Day”, which included open classes, master classes, workshops and interactive lectures.

The participants also identified the TOP-3 speakers:

1. Natalia Yushkova, “Learning the Russian language through Russian people video games” and “Principles of working with reading in Russian”
2. Natalia Shirokova, master class “Russian Matryoshka” and shared the methods of educating the Russian language via drawing.
3. Anastasia Yezhova, “Information and communication technologies within the study of the Russian language.”

On November 30, the ultimate day of the project took place: eight Ural specialists within the subject of RFL presented reviews and shared their skilled secrets of educating the Russian language.

The program individuals sent letters with phrases of gratitude to the organizers for the excellently carried out program: Tatyana Yurievna Olshevskaya (Deputy Director for Scientific and Methodological Work), Anton Sergeevich Fedorov (Chief IT Specialist). They also noted the warm and honest atmosphere that developed through the project.

On the project web site you’ll be able to familiarize your self with the materials and presentations of the speakers.

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