Alexey Kuzovkin spoke about the security of the company in the era of Big Data

Alexey Kuzovkin spoke about the security of the company in the era of Big Data

Alexey Kuzovkin – ex-chairman of the Board of Directors of the Armada group of companies, CEO of Infosoft company, member of the working group for the development of security technologies of the Russian Association of Cryptoeconomics, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain, innovator and investor.

In the era of big data, companies leaders are faced with the need to protect them in a special way, as server hacking, DDoS attacks, and other dangerous actions have become easier. And the consequences of these actions have become more pronounced.

But what if the data is stored in the cloud? Is it safe?

Security versus convenience

Storing data in the cloud has many benefits. This is the ability to make a backup copy of data, as well as the ability to quickly share the information you need with other people. All files are stored centrally, which reduces the overhead associated with their administration.

And during the pandemic, online storage became a necessity for companies, given the format of a remote work for many employees. And in general, a remote office is in many respects not inferior to a real office. There is even a certain socialization. Therefore, cloud-based tools have become an effective way to establish remote communication down to details such as access rights.

But the fact that important documents are uploaded to the cloud leads to a logical question: how safe is it?
The answer is simple: it depends on where this information is stored. In large organizations, internal data storage systems have long been created, which allow you to store information within the company. It’s unlikely that someone will be able to get into it if the system is well protected.

Protection of the cloud data storage

The procedure for protecting a cloud data center is almost the same as the traditional one. However, the following points should be considered

1. Cloud storage protection can be somewhat more expensive, since you need specialized equipment, as well as a staff of workers who can manage it.

2. The protection of corporate data and the protection of personal data are treated differently by law. Personal data is protected by law, and confidential data is protected by the business owner or responsible person. This complicates the process even though the protection procedure is theoretically the same.

3. The most advanced data system can’t resist human naivety. For example, the TikTok star’s account with 46 million subscribers was hacked because she used her name in the password. Therefore, you need to responsibly treat the password, using both capital letters and small letters + numbers and signs. And the harder it’s to remember your password, the better.

4. Also, a common cause of data leakage is greed. Employees can sell confidential information for small amounts. Therefore, you need to apply legal and administrative means to ensure the confidentiality of information in addition to technical means, as well as contact law enforcement agencies in the event of a data breach.

Who should take care of data safety

Both managers and employees need to be responsible for the safety of company data. For this, a system of rules and regulations should be clearly worked out. And lower-level employees should:

1. Choose reliable data storage systems.

2. Choose the right passwords.

3. Read the license agreement carefully before using any cloud storage.

4. Set up multi-factor authentication. This will lead to slight delays in time, but it will provide security.
It’s important to keep in mind that hackers are getting more inventive every year. Therefore, concern about the safety of data should be permanent and not stop even for a second.

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